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To communicate on the various knowledge and technologies introduce by industries, Soft Industry develops 6 promotional departments. Each one of them is hosted by one of Floppy's buddies : )
Floppy Orange.jpg
Name: Flame
Behavior: Hyperactive & Extraverted
Music: Rock 'n' Roll
Industry: Energy
Promotional dept.: Production
Floppy Blue.jpg
Name: Far-out
Behavior: Dreamer & Enterpreneur
Music: Jazz
Industry: Aerospace
Promotional dept.: Culture
Floppy Red.jpg
Name: Focus
Behavior: Calm & Introverted
Music: Classical
Industry: Transport
Promotional dept.: App.
Floppy Green.jpg
Name: Fame
Behavior: Theatrical & Organized
Music: Musical
Industry: Leisure
Promotional dept.: Education
Floppy Purple.jpg
Name: Funky
Behavior: Creative & Socializing
Music: Funk
Industry: Media
Promotional dept.: Game
Floppy Yellow.jpg
Name: Fancy
Behavior: Meticulous & Artistic
Music: Chanson
Industry: Engineering
Promotional dept.: Publishing
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