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Once upon an IT time... Floppy the diskette was a star gathering information for millions of users on Earth! The adorable device symbolized Silicon Valley itself! Then, one day came technologies which were faster, smaller and able to store a hundred times what Floppy could... He had become, as the California Tech Tabloid put it, "Obsolete!". Yet, after years of drifting in the wilderness of the IT jungle and ending on dusty shelves, Floppy is elected by the IT industry as the icon for the "save" function on every computer in the world! A new life of gatherer starts for him in a virtual matrix which he soon masters. Saving all information on a global scale, Floppy witnesses like no other the turmoils of human societies. Overloaded with compassion, he decides to dedicate his websurfer's skills to communicate the best knowledge and technologies for social and industrial planetary solutions. With his buddies, Floppy registers online the Soft Industry Corporation with one genuine purpose at heart: "Storytelling information!" 
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